For several years now, I have worked with multi-media, using fairly non-traditional  materials such as silicone, sand, cardboard and newspaper to name a few.  I try to focus on color, texture and technique, to get the desired result and make room for the unpredictable.

I primarily use acrylics, watercolors, oils, pastels and charcoal. My work is often “built” using multiple layers.

It’s the fascination with never quite being ready for what to expect and tracking the variance from the imagination to the blank canvas.  The result always ends up quite different from the original idea. Of course, what came to mind in the commencement of the process is unrecognizable, when looking at the end product. This process I find fascinating, something referred to as the deviancy of fusion art.

I like to explore with style and with the emphasis being on color, form and balances with a sense of playfulness.

Not adverse to paint brushes, I seldom use them and prefer to work with my hands and other tools. Sometimes creating “layered abstracts” with board, canvas or newspaper.

All my paintings are original, one of a kind work, hand crafted, with vibrant artist quality paints and high grade canvas, slate, wood, cardboard, newspaper etc, :)).

The Pink Blonde