My passion is creating, revising, recycling and reinventing abstract art. I can’t just make a painting on a blank canvas and be done with it. I need to revisit it time and time again. At technical college in London my background was confined to the technicalities of video, sound and graphics. What I love about abstract art is you get to blur the lines, strip away all that is conventional and deliver. Whatever it is the mind and the hand can create.

Influence and inspiration comes from among others Sam Francis. The prospects and excitement of paint, tones and textures entice me. The creative merging of oils, gels, acrylic or whatever is at hand on board, paper, canvas and wood. In the past, although I have not appeared in any solo shows, I have produced art work for the “Painted Brain” and “Renewall” shows, both in Los Angeles.  When we are all virus free, it is my hope to be in more engagements and art related commitments and communities. I continue to dabble with the distinct and diverse which can be both fun and interesting: not ever knowing what is ahead. My paintings can stand alone or sit in a frame for virtually any room.